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Dining & Bars

Kahramana Main Restaurant: Located on the Swimming Pool Terrace, serving Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner indoor and outdoor.

Pool Bar: Located on the Pool area, serving a variety of Cocktails and Refreshments.

Arrabbiata Italian Restaurant: Located on Beach Terrace of Laguna Bay, serving a variety of genuine Italian Cuisine with the Famous Pizza wood oven.

On the Rocks Seafood Restaurant: Located on the Beach area, serving a variety of Seafood Delicacies.

Tequila's Bar: Location under the Reception. Perfect for games and good music. Serving all types of Beverages.

Ciao Marsa (Mine Pub & Discotheque): Located in front of SENTIDO Kahramana Park reception, serving a variety of Cocktails with DJ music all night long.

Palm Bar: Located on the Pool area, serving Tea, Coffee and Drinks.

Laguna Beach Bar: Located on the Beach area, serving Beverages and Snacks.

Planet Bedouin: Located on the beach area surrounded by mountains, serving Drinks, Water Pipes and a Weekly Bedouin Dinner.

Beach Bar: Located on the Beach area serving Beverages and Snacks.

Cafe Delmar: The latest café in Kahramana Beach Resort, the location is very unique on the top of mountain, which allowing you to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the sea. Open from 11 am to midnight, offering aperitifs, coffee and ice cream.

“This is not the official website of SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. For more information and to make a reservation please go to SENTIDO Kahramana Park”
Address: 23 North Marsa Alam, South Red Sea, Egypt
Tel: +2 065 3380006-7-8-11
Fax: +2 065 3380010
E-mail: res.kahramanamarsa@balbaagroup.com
Sales email: sales@balbaagroup.com